Frequently Asked Question

1. How to buy the right ID card Printer for your Business?

To buy the right Id card printer for your business a couple of things need to be taken into consideration like Printer type, Volume, Print sides, Print speed, Maximum images per ribbon, Maximum batch size, Connections, Card thickness range, etc

Speaking briefly - The very first basic criteria to be considered while buying an Id card Printer is to consider how many cards do you expect it to print in each session and during an given year.

The Id Card Printer should always come with software. The other two basic things to see while purchasing an Id card Printer is to

  • Whether you prefer a monochromatic (single color) or Color Printers.
  • The next to choose from is whether single sided, dual sided or laminating printers are to be selected.

Lastly one should consider whether encoding on your cards is required or not, such as smart card or proximity card capabilities, or magnetic stripes.